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Virtual Meeting Tools

Collaborative research has the ability to unite researchers across professions, faculties, and between institutions through their common research interests. Unfortunately, collaborative research, especially collaborative rural health research, often creates geographic distances between researchers, making it difficult to meet and work together as a team. In order to bridge the gap between researchers and facilitate the collaborative research process, we suggest the use of these online meeting forums



Vyew is a free, online meeting site, ideal for research collaboration across distances. Researchers are able to “meet” in a virtual room and upload documents, files, and images for others to access and contribute to at any time.


Mikogo in an online conference tool that allows individuals to communicate through desktop sharing and voice communication. This method also has a unique white board option for drawing and brainstorming as well as instant messaging.



Skype offers free computer to computer long-distance and international calling and, for a small fee, allows computer to landline or cell phone calls. This tool can also be downloaded to smart phones and used with a Wi-Fi connection.



Yugma is a free Skype enhancement tool that allows Skype users to share their desktop screen while talking on Skype and to create an online conference using Skype.



Online web conferencing and collaboration made easy with minimal cost. Yuuguu has the additional bonus of not requiring users to download anything and uses only an Internet connection.


Health Professionals Guide: Research

Are you a health professional who would like to pursue research? Check out how the steps you will need to consider when conducting research!

Created in partnership with RCCbc and UNBC.




Findings: Nursing Practice in Rural and Remote Canada II BC (UNBC)

A study conducted at UNBC that looks at understanding the nature of nursing practice in rural and remote Canada.

Academic Journals

For relevant papers pertaining to rural health services and research.

Canadian Rural Research Network

The CRRN offers a library full of rural research.  Additionally, the CRRN website offers information on upcoming rural research events,

National Collaborating Centres for Public Health

The six National Collaborating Centres (NCCs) for Public Health promote and improve the use of scientific research and other knowledge to strengthen public health practices and policies in Canada.  The National Collaborating Centres offer a variety of free online tools and resources for researchers and decision makers. Listed below are the six different centres:

McMaster Health Forum

The McMaster Health Forum aims to be “a leading hub for improving health outcomes through collective problem solving” and offers a database (Health Systems Evidence) that offers a wide range of publications and reports in a variety of health related discourses.

National Rural Health Association

NRHA offers a broad spectrum of publications representing the interests of the rural health community. These publications range from general human interest topics to specific cultural or scientific subjects, and are available for sale to the general public.

USDA National Agricultural Library Rural Information Center

The Rural Information Center (RIC) provides services for rural communities, local officials, organizations, businesses and rural citizens working to maintain the vitality of America’s rural areas.

World Health Organization Library & Information Networks for Knowledge

The WHO Library is the world’s leading library on public health. It provides access to knowledge from WHO as well as to other sources of scientific literature produced around the world. WHO Library resources and expertise also provide scientific evidence and knowledge to low- and middle- income countries through a set of low-cost/high-use initiatives.