Online Meeting Tools

Collaborative research has the ability to unite researchers across professions, faculties, and between institutions through their common research interests. Unfortunately, collaborative research, especially collaborative rural health research, often creates geographic distances between researchers, making it difficult to meet and work together as a team. In order to bridge the gap between researchers and facilitate the collaborative research process, we suggest the use of these online meeting forums:


Vyew is a free, online meeting site, ideal for research collaboration across distances. Researchers are able to “meet” in a virtual room and upload documents, files, and images for others to access and contribute to at any time.


Mikogo in an online conference tool that allows individuals to communicate through desktop sharing and voice communication. This method also has a unique white board option for drawing and brainstorming as well as instant messaging.


Skype offers free computer to computer long-distance and international calling and, for a small fee, allows computer to landline or cell phone calls. This tool can also be downloaded to smart phones and used with a Wi-Fi connection.

Yugma (enhances functionality of Skype)

Yugma is a free Skype enhancement tool that allows Skype users to share their desktop screen while talking on Skype and to create an online conference using Skype.


Online web conferencing and collaboration made easy with minimal cost. Yuuguu has the additional bonus of not requiring users to download anything and uses only an Internet connection.