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How Healthy Are Rural Canadians? An Assessment of Their Health Status and Health Determinants. Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), 2006.

Rural Women’s Experiences of Maternity Care: Implications for Policy and Practice
A major report regarding rural maternity care, including thorough academic and BC-specific policy literature reviews and findings from interviews with rural women and care providers.Kornelsen, J., & Grzybowski, S. (2008).

Obstetric services in small rural communities: What are the risks to care providers? Rural and Remote Health, 8(2), 943-954.Kornelsen, J., Iglesias, S., Humber, N., & Caron, N.R. (2008).

Rural surgical service delivery. Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine, 13(3), 143-144.

Rural and Remote Health Services in Saskatchewan: Identifying Research Priorities 
Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, 2006

Rural British Columbia Profile: A Ten-year Census Analysis (1991-2001) 
Rural Secretariat, Government of Canada, 2005

Rural, Remote and Northern Women’s Health: Policy and Research Directions
Centres of Excellence for Women’s Health, 2004

Building a Strong Foundation for Rural and Remote Health Research in Canada 
Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), 2001

Health of individuals in rural and urban areas. UK Department for Environment, Food, & Rural Affairs, March 2014.Humber, N., & Dickinson, P. (2010). Rural patients’ experiences accessing surgery in british columbia.

Rural patients’ experiences accessing surgery in British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Surgery, 53(6), 373-378.Humber, N., & Frecker, T. (2008).

Delivery models of rural surgical services in British Columbia (1996-2005): Are general practitioner–surgeons still part of the picture? Canadian Journal of Surgery, 51(3), 173-178.Humber, N., & Frecker, T. (2008).

Rural surgery in British Columbia: Is there anybody out there? Canadian Journal of Surgery, 51(3), 179-184.Kornelsen, J., Iglesias, S., Humber, N., & Caron, N. R. (2008). Rural surgical service delivery Canadian Medical Association.