RHSRNbc Team

Stefan Grzybowski, MD

Dr. Stefan Grzybowski is a rural health systems researcher and the principal investigator of the CCEDARR Canada study, funded by the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine. Prior to moving to research at UBC, he practiced as a family physician for twelve years on the Queen Charlotte Islands/Haida Gwaii. Dr. Grzybowski’s current research focus is on advancing rural community resilience to climate change and ecosystem disruption, and the development of rural BC health services catchment maps.

Dr. Grzybowski is a Senior Scholar with the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, Professor in the Department of Family Practice at UBC, co-director of the Centre for Rural Health Research, and director of the Rural Health Services Research Network of BC.

Esther Kim

Esther Kim is the network coordinator for the Rural Health Services Research Network of BC. She recently completed the Master of Public Health program at the University of Toronto, with specializations in Indigenous Health and Environment & Health. Her research interests include the continued implementation of culturally safe primary care services, the intersections of food security and community well-being, and the impacts of climate change on individual and community health. She also has a BA&Sc in Cognitive Science from McGill University. Esther was born and raised in British Columbia, and in her spare time she enjoys reading, going on hikes, and playing the piano.

Rajdeep Dhaliwal

Rajdeep Dhaliwal is a GIS Analyst. She recently completed her Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Geography, specializing in Environment & Sustainability from the University of British Columbia. Her research experiences are in the areas of equity, diversity, inclusion, climate change, and civic education. As a GIS analyst, and climate justice advocate, Rajdeep has a particular interest in examining how harmful industrial pollutants adversely impact racialized communities. Rajdeep’s other interests include spending time with her elderly grandparents and listening to their stories about life in the village.

Alexandra Bland

Alexandra Bland is the Research Coordinator for the Co-RIG project examining rural resiliency during the COVID-19 pandemic. She holds a BA in International Relations from the University of British Columbia and an MSc in Health and International Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Her past research has primarily focused on global health and health disparities in low and middle-income countries. The topic of her MSc dissertation was evaluating effective pneumonia prevention strategies to reduce under-five pneumonia mortality in high burden countries. She is passionate about health equity, health systems strengthening and the social determinants of health. Outside of work Alex loves to bake and go hiking with her dog Alfie.

Azlina Tima

Azlina Tima (she/hers) is a second-year student in the Midwifery program at UBC. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English and minoring in Health & Society, also from UBC. Always knowing she would end up in healthcare, Azlina came to realize midwifery’s immense potential to bridge major gaps in equitable access to safe and respectful care for clients (and their families) and wishes to serve equity-denied populations in the ways that they wish to receive her care and/or support. She takes a particular interest in public health communications and knowledge translation and hopes to harness the power of social media to increase health literacy, especially in rural settings. When not busy with school or work, she can be found soaking up some sunshine or exploring new restaurants/cafes.

Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly recently completed her Bachelor of Arts in Geography at the University of British Columbia, majoring in Environment and Sustainability and minoring in Geographic Information Science (GIS). Sarah is interested in topics such as climate change, environmental justice, natural hazards, and conservation, and makes use of GIS to help address these issues. Outside of work and school, Sarah enjoys going on runs and hikes, spending time at the beach, and making art.

Mac Pettit

Mac Pettit is a 4th year BFA student studying Film Production at the University of British Columbia. Mac’s interest in Film Production was sparked in high school when he was invited into the Advanced Film Class. Since then, he has worked to become a better storyteller through the audiovisual medium. On the side, Mac run’s a freelance videography website, occasionally shooting weddings and local business advertisements. When Mac is not obsessively engaged in writing, directing, or editing a film, he enjoys doing Improv with the club at UBC.

Kishore Hari

Elyse Tsang

Salina Edwards

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