CCEDARR Learning Hub/Book – Building Resilient Rural Communities: Responding to Climate Change and Ecosystem Disruption

Last Updated: November 2023

Over the last few years, our team has been creating a learning hub for students, teachers, academics, and advocates seeking action in the face of climate change and ecosystem disruption. Our goal is to outline the realities of climate change in rural Canada, specifically related to community health and health services delivery. However, more importantly, we hope to pave the way forward and inject a sense of optimism into the discourse.

To cultivate an interactive learning hub, we have interwoven a collection of three key elements:

  1. scholarly writing,
  2. fictional narrative, and
  3. video interviews that will engage students in different forms.

We are committed to supporting the evolution of this learning hub as a growing resource that is receptive to readers by providing opportunities to submit comments, reflections, suggestions, and contributions to the work. Through our project, we hope to inspire our audience to engage in climate adaptation and resilience in their own ways. Each of us possesses a valuable role in strengthening our collective sustainability.

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