RHSRNbc, in collaboration with film industry experts and UBC students, is developing a film series based on the Frontlines narrative included as part of the Building Resilient Rural Communities: Responding to Climate Change and Ecosystem Disruption book/learning hub published in March 2023.

The story allows for a further exploration and understanding of the disparities faced by rural communities experiencing climate change disruption, while highlighting the resilient and transformative nature of these communities. To encapsulate the dynamic nature of the rural perspective, the story was written through the perspective of two characters: Carmen, a young person growing up in the fictional rural town of Cedar Grove; and George, a doctor and long-term resident of Cedar Grove. Both characters represent a passion for mitigating the effects of climate change while protecting the community in which they belong. By bridging these two characters, the story provides the young Carmen with the wise mentorship of George to help fulfill her desire to engage in climate change awareness and initiatives in their community. The pilot episode will introduce the audience to Carmen, a high school student in the fictional rural community of Cedar Grove, who is grappling with changes in both her family and wider community in the face of a changing climate 

The goal of this work is to develop another avenue of engagement, particularly for youth. Following the completion of the film series, RHSRNbc hopes to adapt further portions of the narrative into film to provide continuous youth engagement in climate change awareness.

About the filmmaker: