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CLIC Conference 2019

October 27-30, 2019

Vancouver, BC

The CLIC 2019 Conference will be hosted in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. We welcome anyone with stakes in clinical education, be it LIC enthusiasts or first-timers, faculty, staff, or students. As continuity of relationships — with patients, peers, preceptors and/or programmes — underlies the foundation of LICs, we look forward to connecting, learning, influencing and championing change aimed at advancing clinical education and ultimately, patient care.


BC Support Unit Conference: Putting Patients First 2019

November 20, 2019

Vancouver, BC

Putting Patients First is our annual conference designed to encourage learning and collaboration between patients interested in patient-oriented research (POR), health researchers, health care providers and health system decision makers.


Northern Health: 2019 Quality Celebration

October, 2019

Prince George, BC (or virtual)

The theme of the celebration is “Quality Lives Here”. Taking place October 2019, this month-long quality improvement celebration will be virtually and in person. This is an opportunity to showcase what individuals or teams have  done to improve everyday practice and the experience of staff, patients and families in the places that they work.

UNBC Research Week 2020

March 2-6, 2020

Prince George, BC

Research Week is a celebration of the increasingly innovative and collaborative research that happens at UNBC and beyond. The week consists of various events which celebrate and showcase the groundbreaking and interdisciplinary research on and beyond the UNBC campus. The aim is to bring researchers from various disciplines together and create a favourable atmosphere for developing innovative research ideas. Research Week is an amalgamation of the UNBC Graduate Conference, Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) Celebration and Postdoc Day of Research events.

Workshops 2019

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Find CPD opportunities here including projects in leadership development to the Rural Global Health Partnership Initiative!




From exploring design-thinking to data-driven improvement, these full-day workshops cover a range of unique topics on improving quality of care for patients.



Up-to-date information on seminars, conferences, workshops related to enquiries into health system performance, equity, and sustainability.

Includes training opportunities, webinars, courses, and workshops centered on patient-oriented research.









Rural and Remote Medicine Course

April 23-25, 2020

Ottawa, ON

More than 190 sessions, small group sessions, hands-on workshops and Rural Critical Care modules.